Bean Dehulling Machine

To achieve the purpose of peeling, bean dehulling machine works its way by using a high-speed rotation of the emery flute to cut and frict the beans peel or corn cortex continuously, damage the bonding strength of the beans peel or maize endosperm and embryo, beans peel or corn cortex gradually grind cut wipe away. It is mainly used in the deep processing of beans and corns, enhancing the quality and consumption of beans and corn products, also improving the comprehensive utilization value of beans and corns products. Products of KMEC bean dehulling machine manufacturer are suitable for medium and small-scale food processing plant.

What can bean dehulling machine process?
Soybean, lentil, black-eye bean, kidney bean, broad bean, mung bean, pea, chickpea…etc

bean dehulling machine

Model Capacity (KG/H) Power (KW) Weight (KG) Size (MM)
6FTP-150G Corn 500-1000 11 350 1260x1280x1700
Bean 700-1000
Sorghum 500-700
6FTP-150GW Corn 500-1000 11 310 1260x560x1700
6FTP-600D Corn 1200-2000 22-22.75 350 1100x1340x1750
Bean 1000-2000
Sorghum 1000-2000
6FTP-600AW Corn 1500-2500 18.5 350 1100x620x1750
6FTP-600BW Corn 1000-1800 18.5 350 1100x620x1750
6FTP-1000G Corn 2000-3200 37-37.25 550 1550x1400x1800
Bean 2000-2500
Sorghum 2000-2500
6FTP-1000GW Corn 2000-2500 37 550 1550x700x1800
6FTP-1000AW Corn 2500-3500 37/30 550 1550x700x1800
6FTP-1000T Corn 3500-4000 37/30 550 1550x700x1800

Finished product of Beans dehulling

soybean dehulling

Lentil Processing Plant

lentil peeling processing plant

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