Low Cost Maize Processing Plant

Maize is also known as corn, the yield of maize is high, it is the most commonly used and the largest amount of grain. Raw material maize seeds is divided into three parts: the skin, the outermost layers of the maize is a very good skin, it contains important cellulose; the endosperm of maize is located inside the seed coat, and the embryos which contains fat and a small amount of gluten.

Technology of maize processing plant

Soak: The water temperature is about 52 degrees, maize will be soaked for 24 to 48 hours. The sulfur dioxide reacts with water to produce dilute sulfuric acid. The circulating water can prevent the maize from fermentation and promote the decomposition of starch and protein.
Grind: Use a flour mill to grind the softened maize kernels. The embryo is separated by centrifugal force.
Screen: The remaining mixture of starch and cortex is sifted through a series of grinding, screening, screening for better starch and protein particles go into the next process.
Starch separation: Because of the different proportion of starch and gluten, centrifuge can be used for almost all separation. More than 99% of the starch can be extracted from the powder. Further washing away the soluble waste residue.

Products made from a maize processing plant

Products made from maize processing plant

Maize processing plant has become an important benefit of processing industry, it increases income, commodity market, and the maize starch can be used as some basic industry of the important material.

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